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Independent broadcaster Group Media and Information Technologies offers services for online and offline publishing, as well as specific areas of brand and corporate publications for consumers.

Information Technologies

It complements accurate and complete information from the primary source in the direction of experts' opinions and researches, and adds value to publications through visual and interactive solutions that are ready for interactive channels.

Online Publishing

Online publishing; Believes in the power of fast, continuous and effective communication; Success with consumer and customer satisfaction. Create your website content, blog posts, e-journals, tablet journals and social media content.

Consumer Magazines

Marie Claire

Marie Claire is a contemporary women’s magazine, curious about topics such as ‘art of living’ and developing self-care…

Marie Claire Maison

Reflects the identity of the owner as the product of a delicate taste, in accordance with the needs of focusing on stylish and functionally furnished places.

Men’s Health

World’s biggest men’s magazine is a unique source endowed with knowledge of improving men’s life quality.

Marie Claire Man

A magazine with fashion, celebrities, relationships, life style and connecting the modern-day man.

Marie Claire Wedding

Publishing twice a year; everything you need to plan a Pin-worthy wedding. Our favorite weddings, fashion, style and planning ideas.

Women’s Health

Colorful, entertaining and impulsive Women’s Health Magazine intends to give inspire to its readers.

Marie Claire Kids

With the motto of “for free and happy children”.

Marie Claire Beauty

Each issue is deeply involved in the latest beauty products, innovations and technological developments.

Runner’s World

With its 18 international editions Runner’s World Magazine is an authority for runners of every level.

Marie Claire Travel

As a center of the travel life, chasing the life style of the “traveller”.

Trendsetter İstanbul

As a trend follower of Turkey and the world, Trendsetter Istanbul is listing the newest places of city depend on its unique experiences.


Coming in April 2017. Psychologies Turkey will fill the large gap in Turkey’s psychology scene with it’s “for a better life” motto.

Corporate Magazines

  • (Turkish) SeaLife
  • Yeditepe Health
  • Arkas News
  • Ford
  • Pronto
  • Pegasus
  • Glober (Jetlife)
  • Mercedes Magazin
  • Crystal
  • Altınbaş Life
  • Pharmetic Health
  • So Chic

Yeditepe Hospitals, which have accomplished many firsts in Turkey for 11 years with its world standard health services, share developments in medicine with Yeditepe Health magazine with their readers.

Yeditepe Sağlık

Arkas Holding, wich owns the largest maritime trade fleet in Turkey and the world, operates with 64 companies and 6.500 employees in the market.

Arkas News

Pronto Tour, one of the leading tour operators for many years in Turkey with the motto of “Taste the World with Pronto Tour”. As a travel magazine that specialized for travelers and brings readers to the world’s most popular travel trends and destinations.


Pegasus believes that everyone deserves to fly. As Turkey’s most experienced and well-established private airline company, Pegasus supports this belief with an affordable price policy. The Pegasus Magazine content identified with a 20-year flight experience, exploring what passengers want to read while floating in the sky.


Quality travel magazine “The airline that loves its passengers most”. Atlasjet’s monthly corporate magazine, Glober, isbeing prepared by Group Medya by January 2012.

Glober (Jetlife)

The magazine of passion, Mercedes Magazine, started publishing in Turkey in 2004 as the 17th edition in the world. With its different approaches, it creates addiction to the readers in a short period of time.

Mercedes Magazin

Luxury Life Magazine: Only made for Yapı Kredi Crystal Card owners, Crystal magazine is publishing every 3 months. Travel, car, yachting, jet, real estate, hobby, wine, food, decoration, wellness, watches, jewelry, fashion, cosmetics, technology, design, architecture, auction etc.


“Altınbaş Life” magazine, published every 3 months in the name of Altınboş company, with the latest trends and designs in the jewelry market. The magazine examines everything about jewelry and life, and it also reveals the story of the transformation of the jewel as a luxury and investment tool.

Altınbaş Life

Health-Nutrition-Care Pharmetic Health Magazine is being prepared behalf of the “Pharmetic, Entrepreneur Pharmacist Association”. The free of charge magazine provided by pharmacies all over the Turkey. Under the umbrella term of the Health, the magazine combines many themes together.

Pharmetic Sağlık

So CHIC Magazine, a quarterly magazine published by So CHIC company, a pioneer in jewelry and accessories with its modern designs for modern-day working people.

So Chic
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